Social Transportation

Transportation COVID-19 Update- as of November 13th, 2020

As you are all aware, the COVID pandemic is affecting all of our lives and in a multitude of ways.  We struggle at times to meet all of our daily needs and maintain some normalcy while protecting others and ourselves against this virus.   We are currently experiencing a large spike in our area and we each need to do what we can to minimize the spread and the hardship on our community.  We, as an organization, have decided to make some temporary changes in our transportation program to do our part.

Starting immediately, we will continue to assist you in meeting your shopping essential needs however; we are scaling back to just local shopping trips.  We will only be utilizing the bus with a maximum of two (2) passengers spread out.  We continue to have an expectation on all of our drivers and passengers to follow all protocols of distancing, washing, and mask wearing.  Please cancel if you do not feel well, we can always reschedule.  Due to the challenges of scheduling smaller groups, we will not be posting a schedule.  When you need food and supplies please call in (877-485-2372), and we will get you scheduled or work with you to get your needs met.

The volunteer driver program will be suspended.  This was a very difficult decision to make.  Unfortunately, we currently have an extreme shortage of drivers and we do not want to put any additional risk on them by driving multiple people.  The appointments that are already scheduled with a driver will be honored and carried out. Although we are not an emergency or urgent service, we do understand the difficulty this may put on people.

We rely on a small amount drivers to do a lot of work, we cannot always guarantee we will have someone available.  Many people try hard not to “bother” family members and do not want to ask for assistance. But we are asking for your assistance during this temporary suspension.  Please look at the trip you are wanting to take.  Can your needs be met in another way?  Can your meds or food be delivered?  Can someone pickup items and drop off at your door? Can your appointment safely wait until after the spike?  Many family members are willing to help if they know about your needs.  Can you ask for their assistance just until we are up and going again?  Please take these questions into consideration as we all struggle through this time.

Please know that we want to get back to serving you as quickly as we can.  We will be monitoring the situation every 30 days and will let you know in our newsletter and Facebook if changes will be made.  As always, call us if you have questions.  Stay safe and healthy out there!

Laura Neve