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Centralized Kitchen Project: Aging Nutrition Programs

Centralizing the cooking and storing of food from a single, commercial-sized kitchen in Burnett County, as compared to renting from separate, inefficient kitchen spaces throughout Burnett County, will provide enough cost savings to eliminate the current wait list for the Meals on Wheels and Congregate Dining programs, as well as continue to serve the expected increase of those aging 60+ who may also be in need.

In order to meet the nutrition needs of all, the ADRC of NW WI is currently working through the necessary steps to build a new central kitchen in Webster.

To help make this a reality, we are seeking donations from YOU, our very own community! Please help us build a space that will allow us to better serve our elderly populations and support their desire to stay safe, social, independent, and healthy!


Transportation Program

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Non-designated donations

These are donations that will be utilized for general operating expenses or for expenses that accompany specific events, programs and services to which there are not, or not enough, funding for. Examples may include event planning expenses such as food, decorations, and location. Or for equipment upgrades and maintenance or reimbursement to help our volunteers function to serve our elderly and disabled populations.