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ADRC of Northwest WI Upcoming Events 

 The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Northwest WI offers vital information to older adults and individuals living with a disability. One of the many services we offer is educational events in the community to help bring awareness and information to those that need it. Our agency right now has numerous upcoming events and workshops for community members. Flyers for each event are located below.


Dementia & Caregiver Events


A supportive and educational gathering for those caring for someone with chronic illness/disability or memory loss. Free event with lunch included. Register by April 14th. 715-485-8449


Support Groups


Caregiver support groups. Call 877-485-2372 for details or to register.

Virtual dementia and caregiver support groups. Visit



Other Events

Join the ADRC of Northwest WI and the Veteran Service Offices of both Polk and Burnett counties, along with Jeff Kersten of the Bureau of Consumer Protection in learning about how to protect yourself. Tuesday, April 18th 2023 Pilgrim Lutheran Church 507 Wisconsin Ave N, Frederic, WI Beginning at 6:00 pm



Icon linking to information about Aging Advocacy Day

Aging Advocacy event information. For details or to register click the above icon. Registration closes April 29th, 2023