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Youth Transition

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Graduating high school is a very important milestone for all students. This is especially true for students with disabilities as they move from high school to adult life.

  • What options and supports are available for students after high school?
  • How do students plan for going to work, independent living and post-secondary education and training?

These questions are part of the transition planning process.



The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Northwest Wisconsin assists with the transition process of disabled youth to adulthood starting at 17.5 years of age and offers a single entry point for information and assistance on issues affecting students and adults with disabilities regardless of income.

Services Provided at the ADRC include but are not limited to:

  • Help applying for benefits or dealing with a denial of benefits
  • Disability benefits counseling
  • Information and access to publicly funded long term care programs and options counseling if eligible

ADRC services can be provided in person, via telephone or through a home visit. Professionals involved in transition planning may use the Student Transition Referral to the ADRC form.



Living My Dream

Living My Dream is a guide that provides information to the student, family and teacher on transition planning, publicly funded long term care, integrated employment and helping the student achieve personal goals after high school.

Click here for the Living My Dream Manual. Read it cover to cover or simply use it as a resource for information on specific topics such as Social Security or Integrated Employment.



Polk/Burnett CCoT

A County Community on Transition (CCoT) is a regional community that meets regularly to identify issues, barriers, supports and solutions to assisting students with disabilities make a successful transition based on student post secondary goals related to training or education, employment and independent living. The key to the CCoT success is sharing the work, establishing effective communication and new relationships to better work together.

The ADRC of NW Wisconsin has teamed up with area providers and transition professionals to form a CCoT in Polk and Burnett counties.  We work together to plan and provide educational opportunities for teachers and parents, in regards to resources available to assist with the various steps to transition planning.

The ADRC of NW WI and the Polk/Burnett CCoT developed the "Decision Tree". This is a tool created for transition professionals to use as a quick reference for themselves, as well as a tool to use when working with parents and students providing a good visual of the transition process. Click here to download the Decision Tree.

Click here to download the CCoT Brochure.


Mission: The Polk/Burnett CCoT will support coordinated efforts by all members and provide quality transition services to promote positive post school outcomes for students with disabilities.

Vision: To ensure all youth successfully exit high school and participate in activites of adult living based on their postsecondary goals related to training or education, employment and independant living.


Visitl the following sites for more information about CCoTs and transition planning:




The Polk and Burnett CCoT Members:

ADRC of NW Wisconsin: www.adrcnwwi.org

Aurora Community Services: https://www.auroraservices.com/vocational

Inclusa: https://www.inclusa.org/

IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct): http://www.wisconsin-iris.com/

Center for Independent Living for Western Wisconsin: http://www.cilww.com/

North County Independent Living: http://www.northcountryil.com/

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation: http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/dvr/

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College: http://www.witc.edu/

Workforce Resource: http://www.workforceresource.org/polk.html

CESA #11: http://www.cesa11.k12.wi.us/

Wisconsin Statewide Parent-Educator Initiative: http://wspei.org/ 

Northwest CEP Inc.: http://www.nwcep.org/

Clear Lake School District

Osceola School District

Amery School District

Clayton School District

Unity School District

Siren School District

Webster School District

Luck School District

St Croix Falls School District

Frederic School District

Grantsburg School District


If you are interested in joining our team please contact the ADRC of NW Wisconsin at 877-485-2372 or by email at adrc@co.polk.wi.us.

Upcoming CCoT Meetings

We meet the second Thursday of the month during the school year-October to May. Thank you everyone for a great 2017/2018 year, we look forward to next year! In the meantime, if you have any questions related to helping a student transition into adult services and program do not hesitate to give the ADRC of NW WI a call at 877-485-2372. In addition, if you have suggestions for the Polk/Burnett CCoT structure or would like to be included on the list serv contact Carrie Myers at the ADRC at 877-485-2372 or carrie.myers@co.polk.wi.us.

January: Thursday, January 10th at Unity School District, professionals meeting 8:30-9:30, youth presentation at 9:30am

March: No Meeting. Join us at our CCoT Event. More details to come!

April: Thursday, April 11th at 8:30am, Location TBD

May: Thursday, May 9th at 8:30am, Location TBD


Meeting Minute Taker Template



CCoT News and Events

Polk/Burnett CCoT Transition Resource Night

Click here to download a flyer to print.


Additional Transition Planning Resources

Opening Doors Transition Planning Guides

Provided by: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


Polk/Burnett CCoT Tools for Parents and Students

Decision Tree for Parents and Students

Parents Key Contacts List

Now that I'm 18: Key Contact List for Young Adults Living with a Disability

Online Transition Resource for Parents and Students