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Volunteer Positions

Transportation Program Volunteer Drivers

The ADRC Transportation Program would not be possible without the dedication of it’s volunteer drivers. Volunteer drivers provide non-emergency portal to portal transportation for elderly and disabled passengers to medical appointments and back home. Medical appointments take precedence, but drivers may be given the opportunity to provide transportation for other reasons such as nutritional, social or employment needs. Volunteer drivers use their own vehicle (which needs to be in good working condition) to provide this transportation and are required to have proof of valid automobile insurance and a valid driver’s license on file at all times with the ADRC. They are reimbursed for the following expenses: mileage at the current IRS mileage reimbursement rate roundtrip from their home, meal expenses incurred during trips that are outside the driver’s home county and parking fees. The ADRC provides all necessary training as well an Emergency Preparedness Pack to each volunteer driver at no cost. Volunteer drivers are given a user ID and password for the web based dispatch program to volunteer for rides most convenient for them. Volunteers are provided an IPad to best utilize the dispatch program.

Home Delivered Meal (HDM) Drivers:

HDM volunteer drivers deliver hot and cold meals to HDM participants who are home bound in Polk and Burnett Counties. They are not only in charge of ensuring each meal is delivered to the HDM participants in a timely manner, but also provide a daily check in to make sure everything is ok with the HDM participants. Knowing someone will be checking on their aging loved one four days a week, is an enormous relief for many caregivers. HDM volunteer drivers use their own vehicle to deliver the meals, are reimbursed for their mileage at the current IRS mileage reimbursement rate, and donate their time. 

Congregate Meal Site Volunteers:

Our congregate dining meal sites serve hot meals Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays each week and we have a total of 6 congregate dining sites throughout Polk and Burnett Counties. Some of these sites use volunteers in a number of different capacities including (but not limited to): congregate dining area set up, cleaning tables after meals and helping with dishes. These volunteers cannot help with cooking but they can help with a number of other duties needed to create a clean, well-organized and positive experience for congregate dining participants.

ADRC Board

The ADRC Board is a 13 member board comprised of individuals from Polk and Burnett Counties and the St Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin. They meet every other month, rotating locations, to:

  • Set policy and provide policy guidance for the agency
  • Assure input from the consumers, service providers and local constituents in policies, practices and goals for the ADRC
  • Be accountable for the mission and goals of the ADRC
  • Identify unmet needs and develop strategies to address them

Community members can serve a maximum of 2 consecutive 3 year terms and are reimbursed for mileage at the current IRS mileage rate.

Polk County Aging Advisory/Burnett County Aging Advisory

The Aging Advisory Committee meets minimally quarterly, usually it is every other month.  There is a per diem of $50 per meeting and mileage reimbursable at the Federal IRS mileage rate.

The group is responsible for bringing feedback from the community to help guide us on how to run the Aging programs.

Nutrition Project Council Members

The Nutrition Project Council Members are volunteer representatives from each congregate dining meal site location. The Project council is made up of one primary meal site representative and one alternate representative from each congregate dining meal site within each county. Council members can make recommendations to the Aging Unit Supervisor regarding food preference of the participants, dining center operations and to support and assist in the ongoing development of the nutrition program. Alternates are backups to the primary meal site representative and are offered the opportunity to serve as the primary representative when the primary project council member resigns.  Council members are participants of the nutrition program’s congregate dinging and home deliver meal programs. A family member, caregiver, friend or neighbor may represent a home deliver meal participant who is homebound. The project council meets each quarter for 1-2 hours and meetings rotate between each site within each county. Members are reimbursed for mileage at the current IRS mileage rate and donate their time.

Primary representatives can serve a maximum of 3 consecutive 2 year terms. Alternates can serve for an unlimited amount of time but are unable to vote to approve the agenda and the previous meeting's minutes.

The Voice Bundling

Each month The Voice, the ADRC newsletter, gets distributed to 180 different businesses throughout Polk and Burnett Counties. The Voice Bundling volunteers count out and bundle for each business they get distributed to. This group of volunteers meets at the end of each month for 2-4 hours. In addition, The Voice Bundling volunteers prepare the bulk mailing that goes out to over 200 Polk and Burnett County residents.

The Voice Delivery

Once The Voice is counted out and bundled for distribution to the businesses, volunteers deliver them to businesses and locations throughout their assigned area as close to the 1st of each month as possible. These volunteers are not reimbursed mileage and donate their time. 

Dementia Friendly Communities Volunteer

One of our goals at the ADRC is to help create dementia friendly communities within the region we serve. Dementia Friendly Communities have resources and opportunities available to individuals with dementia and their caregivers that help remove the stigma and isolation that is often associated with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and memory loss. Volunteers interested in helping create these types of communities that are warm and welcoming to all may have the opportunity to help with Memory Cafes, educational opportunities, caregiver support groups, educating other community members and businesses on what they can do to be more dementia friendly, ect.  Please let us know if you have personal or professional experience with individuals with dementia (no experience is required) and ways in which you would like to be a part of this initiative in your community.  

Healthy Aging Workshops and Programs

The ADRC provides three evidence based workshops and various other programs related to healthy aging. See the Healthy Aging page to learn about the three workshops--Stepping On, Powerful Tools for Caregivers, and Living Well with Chronic Conditions. These programs are taught, sometimes, by volunteers that have a passion, experience and continued interest in the topic. If you have a background of working with older adults, caregivers and/or individuals with chronic health conditions we may need you! To lead each program, all potential leaders must attend a 2-3 day training through the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging. Throughout the year we provide other healthy aging programs such as Sip & Swipe Cafes, caregiver support groups, memory cafes and more! We often need volunteers to help with these programs as well! Experience needed depends on the program but we are often in need of people with all different backgrounds.


"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." ~~Margaret Mead




Current Volunteer Needs

Substitute HDM Drivers: Substitute HDM Drivers for all routes in Polk and Burnett County needed. Fill out the Volunteer Form below or contact Dawn Sargent at 877-485-2372 if interested in this volunteer opportunity.

Nutrition Project Council Members: The ADRC of NW WI is searching for volunteers from Frederic, Luck, St Croix Falls, Amery, Centuria/Balsam Lake, Clear Lake, Osceola/Star Prairie, and Osceola/Dresser to serve on the Polk County Nutrition Project Council. Both a representative and an alternate representative from each area is needed. Fill out the Volunteer Form below or contact Dawn Sargent at 877-485-2372 if interested in this volunteer opportunity.

Volunteers from A&H and Webster are also needed to serve as alternate for the Nutrition Project Council for Burnett County.

Transportation Program Volunteer Drivers: The ADRC of NW WI is in need of Volunteer Transportation Drivers from the Grantsburg, Amery, and St Croix Falls areas. We are always looking for more volunteer drivers in all areas we serve. Individuals who are willing to do long trips as well as short trips are needed. Fill out the Volunteer Form below or contact Kari Broten at 877-485-2372 if interested in this volunteer opportunity.

Caregiver Support Group Facilitator for Burnett County: The ADRC is planning to start a caregiver support group in Burnett County and is in search of a volunteer to facilitate the group each month.

This person must have experience caring for someone with dementia or have an educational/professional background in the special needs of individuals with dementia and their caregivers. In addition, this person must also be passionate in helping caregivers through the journey of caring for someone with dementia and must be able to provide support, encouragement, compassion and information when each are needed.

It is preferred that this volunteer have a background in facilitating groups in addition to having experience with issues of confidentiality. Understanding the importance of keeping everything discussed within the group confidential is vital to creating an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable sharing.

If interested or needing more information please fill out the Volunteer Form below or contact Barb Engelhart at 877-485-2372.

Healthy Aging Program: Sip 'n Swipe Cafe: New to the ADRC is the Sip 'n Swipe Cafe focused on helping older adults become familiar with and comfortably use IPad and tablet devises at their own pace. Already familiar and would like to share your knowledge? Volunteer to help at cafes across our Polk and Burnett County service area. Lots of experience is NOT need but patience and kindness is!! Fill out the form below or contact Dawn Sargent at the ADRC of Northwest Wisconsin at 877-485-2372. Click here to download a flyer about this volunteer opportunity.

Healthy Aging Workshop: Living Well with Chronic Conditions: Do you have a healthcare background or do you currently or have you in the past had to manage a chronic health conditions--either your own or that of a loved one? The ADRC is in need of another Living Well leader that can serve the Burnett County area. This person would be required to attend a 3 day training and be willing to lead at least 1 workshop a year in the Burnett County area. Experience leading small groups and working with individuals with ongoing health concerns is preferred but not required. Contact Carrie Myers at the ADRC




Become a Volunteer for the ADRC of NW WI

If you are interested in volunteering for the ADRC of NW WI please call us at 877-485-2372 or complete the following form with your contact information and the areas in which you are most interested in helping out with!

Other Volunteer Opportunties

There are many other agencies in our area that rely on volunteers everyday! If none of the volunteer opportunties within the ADRC of NW WI sparked your interest, maybe a volunteer opportunty through one of these other agencies will!


  • AARP Safer Driving Class Instructor: Want to help older drivers become more proficient in the skill of driving and perhaps prevent them from being involved in a crash that could harm them or keep them from the independence of a mobile life? AARP is looking for a Safer Driving class instructor in Polk County. This position co-teaches alondside another instructor, runs the TV-DVD player and is able to travel to most areas of Polk County. Class dates, times and frequency are negotiable. If interested call or email: Mary Nelson, 715-825-2239, mjtn37@gmail.com
  • Healthy Burnett: Check out the volunteer tab on the Healthy Burnett website for volunteer opportunties in Burnett County www.healthyburnett.org