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Healthy Aging  •  Youth Transition  •  St. Croix Tribe Resources
Angie Heyer
Accounting and Clerical
Angie Joy
ADRC Supervisor
Barb Engelhart
Information & Assistance Specialist / Dementia Care Specialist
Carrie Myers
Resource Specialist
Christi Arcand
Disability Benefit Specialist
Danielle Butzler
Information and Assistance Specialist

Kari Broten
ADRC Specialist/Transp. Coordinator
Karen Nichols
Elder Benefit Specialist
Kayli Williamson
Elder Benefit Specialist

Kim Feit
Information and Assistance Specialist

Kysa Marten
Information and Assistance Specialist
Laura Neve
Laurie Ince
Bookkeeping and Data Entry
Nicole Rossow
Information and Assistance Specialist/Tribal Liaison

Sabrina Naglosky
ADRC/Aging Unit Supervisor

Sarah Polk
Office Support Specialist
Yvonne Lindus
Disability Benefit Specialistt