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Providing nourishing meals, companionship and connections to services that promote independent living.

pdf iconADRC Nutrition Program Brochure

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ADRC Nutrition Program Menu

This menu is for the ADRC Dining and Meals on Wheels participants.

pdf iconFebruary 2020

ADRC Dining Program

The ADRC Nutrition Program provides nutritious meals in Polk County and Burnett County through the ADRC Dining Program and Meals on Wheels of Northwest Wisconsin.

The ADRC Dining Program provides a nutritious meal and an opportunity to dine and socialize with new and old friends. There are six dining locations throughout Polk and Burnett Counties and they are listed below. All are welcome to enjoy delicious lunch Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Each meal provided meets one-third of the recommended daily dietary allowances and includes meat or other protein, two servings of vegetables, one serving of fruit, bread, dessert, and milk.

Cost/Suggested Donation: General Public: $10 charge per meal meal; Individuals 60 Years of Age and Older: $4 suggested donation. No one (60+ years of age) is ever denied services because of inability to donate the suggested amount.

How do I get started? Contact your local dining site (or the dining site you would like to attend) to reserve a meal at least 24 hours in advance. If a dining site staff member is not available please leave a message.

St Croix Tribal Elder Dining Program: The St Croix Tribe also has two group dining sites that serve hot, nutritious meals Monday-Friday. Tribal elders who are 55 years of age and older and non-tribal members 60 years of age and older are welcome to attend to enjoy a delicious meal and socialize with new and old friends! They have a nutrition site in Danbury and in Hertel. See the St Croix Tribe Resources page for more details.

Meals on Wheels of Northwest Wisconsin

The Meals on Wheels program delivers hot meals to indivdiuals who are unable to attend the dining sites and who meet the home-bound eligibility criteria. Meals are delivered Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays by volunteers. Frozen meals are available for Wednesday and weekends upon request.

Eligibility criteria for Meals on Wheels:

  • Age 60 and older who is frail; homebound by reason of illness, disability, or isolation; and has no one to prepare a meal for them. Individuals who are under 60 and are homebound can receive meals but will be required to pay the $10 charge per meal.
  • A spouse of a person eligible for Meals on Wheels regardless of age or condition, if the assessment concludes that this is in the best interest of the homebound individual.
  • A disabled individual who resides with an eligible individual

Cost/Suggested Donation:

Individuals Under 60 Years of Age (who does not reside with or is not married to someone 60+ who is eligible): $10 charge per meal. These individuals are required to sign an agreement indicating they can and will pay the full meal charge for each meal they receive.

Individuals 60+: $4 suggested donation per meal. No one who is 60+ is ever denied services because of inability to donate the suggested amount. These participants are encouraged to contribute an amount they can afford.

How do I get started? Contact the ADRC of Northwest Wisconsin at 877-485-2372.

How do I make changes to my delivery schedule? Contact the dining site where you get your meals to make meal changes-reservations or cancelations-at least 24 hours (business hours) in advance. If you are unsure which dining site serves you, please contact the ADRC of Northwest Wisconsin at 877-485-2372.


ADRC Dining Sites
ADRC Dining Program is offered at the following locations. Meals on Wheels meals are prepared at the following locations and then delivered to participants.


Location Address Meal Serving Time Phone Number
A&H Area A&H Senior Center

28315 County Road H

12:00pm 715-635-7199
Amery Amery Congregational Church

201 Harriman Avenue North

11:30am 715-268-6818
Grantsburg Grantsburg Senior Center
118 Madison Avenue West

11:45am 715-463-2940


Milltown Community Center
301 2nd Ave SW, Milltown

11:30am 715-825-5025
Siren Siren Senior Center
23943 State Road 35

11:30am 715-349-2845
Webster Webster Senior Center
7421 West Apple Street

11:30am 715-866-5300